How do I make the act/item/mercy button change color when I am on it?

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  • I have already done this with the fight button and at one point, the act button, but for some reason if you put the heart outside of the box and touch the buttons, they don't change to the "light up" animation which is weird since it works just fine for the fight button

    here are the images for them (if you can see them because I don't know) if you can not then tell me and I will try again

  • You use Else on Else.

    The fight button working because you tell it to make something if Soul is not Menu, but for the others you did not give something to compare.

    Just put the mercy/item and act buttons to set the normal animation there you have and the fight - normal animation.

    And after down you check the soul overlap put and the other buttons.

    Remove all the other 3 else statement.

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  • the problem is that the fight button is not actually attached to the "is menu" because I had to put something between the elses, otherwise the game would not run.

  • Here you compare the if soul is menu, else fight btn set animation.

    But here you not add something to compare

    When you want the other buttons to light up? Because at the title you say "change color when im on it"

  • Thank you it works just fine now :)

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