How do I make achievements in construct 3??

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  • How do I make achievements in construct 3?? I am currently working on a game, and do not know how to make text appear in corolation to a level.


  • There are various ways you can create in game achievements, one of the best ways is to create an array.

    You can add to a cell array, for example, every level, every enemy killed, score etc. You can then set the achievement to unlock from a locked state when x is reached in that cell

  • Thanks, that solves some of my problems. However, now I have a new problem I want to make an acheivement that only comes up once in a specific level, like an acheivement when you break gold in, say level 16, but not in the following levels. How do I do that?

    P.S. I've tried the 'On start of layout' function, but it adds one every time you die, so It isn't viable unless you do not or cannot die in a level.

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  • You could add something specific to that level, or just use multiple conditions that if true, will unlock the achievement.

    I'd imagine if you haven't, you'd want a condition to count the amount of gold on level and set it to a variable on start of layout. You can the add multiple conditions say level = 16 and GoldVariable = X amount > unlock achievement, or unlock it in the array. Remember a condition is always an and condition unless you specify the block to be an or condition.

    If your not counting levels with a global variable you could try adding a specific event sheet for this level and including your engine event sheet in this event sheet.

    Hard to how your doing things without knowing how the game is coded.

  • Thank you!

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