How do I achieve the same physics as Stardew Valley's dropped objects on a DnD sprite?

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  • I basically want to drag an object and be able to see it drop onto the layout, without it falling all the way to the bottom of the screen. I'd like it to have some physics to it though, and not just stick to where you dropped it. If there is already a tutorial or something I'm unaware of, I'm sorry, and could you link me to it? I feel this must be simple, but cannot find any information on it.

  • Is this a top-down game? Why do you need Physics there? You can set physics gravity to 0, if you don't want objects to fall down.

    But if you just want an effect of the object falling down a few pixels and bouncing, it's much better to do this with Tween behavior.

  • Yes, it's a top down game, and you got what I wanted spot on with, "But if you just want an effect of the object falling down a few pixels and bouncing". I sorta assumed that I could only achieve that with some modification on the physics behavior. I have never heard of the tween behavior, but am going to look into it now. Thank you so much!

  • So, I am quite new at this. How would I go about this? I imagine I'd need to use an expression on the end of drop to tell it to start the tween at the current coordinates of the object, but I'm not 100% sure....

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  • Try "Tween one property" action.

    For example: Property=Y, end value=(Self.y+20), time=1, easing function=OutBounce.

    You can check how different easing functions work here:

  • That worked perfectly! I find that things are always so complicated.....until you know them, haha. I seriously cannot thank you enough! :)

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