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  • so ive been very much enjoying the cross platform capability of construct 3, being able to go from my pc to my phone to test and make changes on the run.

    however, ive been running into an issue where whenever i try to access the dropbox api for cloud storage whether its to save or retrieve files, it brings me to the dropbox login screen, and then when i log in it closes construct and says unable to verify. ive tested my password on pc, as well as reset it, and it works fine on pc, just not on mobile. i assume this means the issue is on constructs side of the mobile platform, as i can login fine to on my mobile, as well as the app, just not via editor. this is proving to be a large pain as i can transfer things to my phone to make changes and test, but i've a working app, and it just needs some graphic improvement, which is much more accurate via pc than mobile; so, if anybody else has had this issue, or has any ideas how to fix it or what may be going wrong your input would be greatly appreciated. it could just be me, but i've had issues with cloud and local storage since a few updates ago, though i know thats no help as i dont have an approximate number. anyways, just seeing if its a common issue or something simple to fix that i'm just looking over. thanks for reading.

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  • update: it wont even give me a chance to choose something other than dropbox, so id have to transfer manually, which isnt impossible, but would be nice to just store online

  • any files i had pre august were turned into empty folders... any ideas here?

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