How do I access one specific bullet or enemy?

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  • Hi,

    In my game enemies shoot bullet at the player and vice versa and I want to find and delete specific bullets like one that hit the player but if I do collision check of bullet and wall, it will destroy all bullets, not just the one that hits a wall or an enemy. I want rest of the bullets stay present in the air.

    Same problem goes with A.I., I want one enemy that has seen the player to stop moving but I don't know how to do it in the event sheet.

    Hope I was clear enough.


  • When you use the condition 'bullet on collision with enemy' and the action 'destroy bullet', it picks only the bullet that collided and will destroy that one instance.

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  • True but the same logic is not happening on other cases as well like the AI example I provided.

    If I have three instances of one enemy and one of them las Line of Sight of player, how can I stop that particular enemy instead of stopping all three of them?

  • In the same way if you use 'enemy has LOS of player' and an action for enemy to stop moving then it will pick that enemy.

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