8Directional and left click cannot work in same time...

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  • Hi and thank you first of all for being a kind soul and checking this post out!

    To put all this in context I'm making a top down shooter where it should be possible that the player both moves and shoots in same time.

    Don't get me wrong, it works when the 8Directional behaviour is on default (top direction, left direction, right direction and down direction of the keyboard). But when I assign it to the WASD with the well-known method System -> Keyboard W is down -> Player -> Simulate 8Direction Up (and so on)

    The ability of walking and shooting in same time disapears!

    It seems Construct 3 can't register an emulated key and mouse click in same time...

    Could this be a flaw of the Construct 3 engine?

    Maybe I'm just stupid and there is an easy solution.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Even the basic tutorial level 'Ghost Shooter' that comes with construct shows this working so it must be your events, let's see them.

  • Thank you for a fast response. Indeed it works in the Rain Demo project as you said. And I checked out the code.


    Interestingly enough. I shut the computer, reopened the browser and now it works wonders.

    It might have been a browser issue.

    #turnonturnoffproblemsolving #constructmustbefine

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  • Yes your click wasn't being recognised I guess, ok so it's resolved nice :)

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