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  • Hey all, so far I'm loving the 3D camera, but I'm curious about something...

    Using Advanced Random to generate a height map and then mesh distortion on sprites, I'm able to get a poly style terrain map working. However... any sprite that has a Z Elevation <0 seems to just lay flat AT Z Elevation 0...

    So then the answer is to raise everything up to like Z Elevation 256 or something, so I have room above and below the map's mid level, however, the higher the Z Elevation, the further away from camera the sprites clip out of rendering... They seem to at any Z Elevation but it's much worse when the Z Elevation is higher. The Clipping is noticeable even at the lowest...

    So my question is... Has anyone else encountered this is? And is there a way to expose the Clipping box for the camera? Nearest and Furthest distances, as well as the FOV for the camera? I'm using the event system as I know ZERO scripting in C3... that said, I did manage to make a rudimentary version of a 3D camera about a year ago using only events and matrix math, so my logic is pretty solid for the most part. I'm also well aware that this is a new beta object and nowhere near feature complete. My assumption is that I'll just have to wait for more versitility to be added to the object itself.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Did you try setting the draw order on the layer to camera distance?

    I find that the clipping and transparency glitches are tedious to overcome at the moment. The built-in sprite object should be able to face the camera at all axis.

    As far as I know, FOV and stuff is not accessible through events right now.

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