35/5000 I do not understand a thing in multiplayer

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  • In my game, I need to know the name of the player who is associated with the color.

    I log in to the chat and enter the room, then I have a screen where the 4 players have to choose each one a color to play with. when you enter the game I have to enable a button to each player but not to the others. That is, each player must have a "Bet" button that other players must not see. How can I do? Now briesco to activate them all and everyone sees them.

    Then when the player presses the button, he must perform operations that only he must see. To make you understand better, there are operations that are multitasking and others are not. As a facet to do non-multitasking operations. The "Bet" button does not do anything even if it has associated an operation

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