13 years since I started and no game.

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  • Back in I think 2009 I started dabling with drag and drop game engines.

    I made some tiny games that I never launched. I got caught in perfectionism and my "dream game"

    Then I went through some heavy depression after things that happened in my personal life.

    I found potential investors in my dream game but due to poo life experience I messed that all up.

    Started looking at it again, but then my Mum and Dog died in the same month last year. Half the reason I wanted to make a succesful game was to set her up and give everything she wanted.

    Now I'm kind of floating along wondering what the point of life is and now it's got me thinking that after many failed dreams I could at least accomplish one.

    I'm looking into learning Java.

    I've always wanted to make a JRPG Like Pokemon.

    If you look up facebook.com/FabledApps you can see the game I tried to make had a lot of love and support. Even though it was all talk and concepts.

    I'm here for welcomed advice, suggestions and anyone who thinks they could help make the game happen. I'm 34 now. My body is pretty banged up and I would really like to achieve one of my big dreams while I'm still on this planet.

    I tried to crazy save and get into investments over the past 2 years to have financial backing but everything with Crypto and now the global issues I've basically lost 90% of my capital. I gotta do something.

  • You can make a JRPG using Construct, did you not learn the engine since 2011? From the facebook page it looks like you are a manager type and I've found that building a team of people working for free while you manage them is not the way to go. Construct allows you to make a game on your own or with an artist so why not try that? Even on this post you are asking for people to make the game happen, when you can make it happen yourself.

  • Thanks mate. I didn't mean in the sense of they do everything. By help just putting out there for advice, ideas and so on. Miracles are nice lol. But yes working learning as much as I can now.

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  • you have to come back and make this game. again and again and again. I dealed with depression too, I'm still.My first experience with construct was so enjoying the first 2 weeks, I was addict to it. these 4 last years, I did nothing, unmotivated, huge lack of working, etc. But these days, I'm working all day long on games. I have 5 prototype, didn't finish anything but keep going, past through frustration while learning every days, but each day brings me something I've learned, even if I could'nt even fix the things I wanted to make it works.

    this feeling you going through eats you and knock you down I know. Go make sports, that helps dealing with yourself. and go back to construct, even if you don't feel it. past throught. I know it's difficult, but go with what you got on your hand.

    I count years too, that makes me frustrating too don't worry, you're not alone.

  • It's okay really to started again even if the world seems to fall apart. Build your faith make a path. Continue dreaming and keep back to deliver your game. What is better than finishing what we've settled in first place?

  • In all honesty, not the right place here to find java programmers.


    First, learn that Java language: just do it, it is a real world skill, with heaps of opportunity. Don't do yourself short. Learn it, become a good developer. Get a high paid job in that sector .... And eventually, make that bloody game when you think your skills can handle it. I don't know your mother, but something tells me she'll be looking at you with a smile on her face your whole journey.

    Or ...

    Stop it. Stop beating yourself up over it. Struggling, haggling, husseling, just to keep some faint disillusion of wanting to achieve something that lost its entire purpose. I am sure your mother would not have wanted that for you.

    Quite the contrast aye.... but it comes down to making the tough choices, and standing behind them.

    Either step up and do the things you really desire to achieve, or leave the past dreams in the past ... or they will haunt you relentlessly.

    Those who persevere, will never know defeat.

  • At 34, your body isn't banged up permanently (unless there's any illness/disabilities, that's more complicated). As long as you mildly keep up with fitness and healthy eating and intake adequate water, your mind will thank you for that, and you'll have an easier time coding, thinking through anxiety-inducing situations, etc. It's not a cure-all and it's not exactly easy to do if depressed or anxious or if your personality causes you to avoid healthy lifestyles, but it's surprisingly effective if you're able to form this healthy habit. I'm guilty of failing this myself, it's not easy, but keep at it, try again and again, just like we do with our unfinished projects, just keep trying your best!

    I have been using drag n drop software for around 20 years, since I was younger than a teenager (I started with Klick n Play), yet I've never released anything. I'm 27 now and I WILL complete a project and release it, nothing will stop me. No zero days, always work on something in your project for even 10 minutes. BUT also be mindful of your own mental wellbeing, don't pressure yourself and take a "zero day" if life gets overwhelming, as it often does.

  • You need to buy Bitcoin and quit thinking about writing computer games. If you watch it every day it goes up and down and you will be happy some days and very sad other days and you will realize that up to this point you were wasting your life.

    When it goes down buy a little more, and never ever ever sell any. It will suck up your money and time and all your problems you think you have now will seem trivial.



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