Can we make Xbox Apps now?

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  • Hi. I submitted my new app to Windows Store and could enable Xbox but I did not enable creators program. Does that mean C3 can now export to Xbox Apps?

    But the app was rejected cause App was frozen at launch on Xbox Tests. I could not find a error in the code and it works fine on PC and phones. Does it require some changes in Visual Studio to work? Anyone already tried it and successfully published an app?

  • Construct has supported publishing to Xbox One since 2017.

    If you don't enable the creators program you'll need to be on IDobg@Xbox instead, which has more restrictions for entry.

  • I know, for games it's creators prog or Idklt@xbox and I published 2 games with creators prog already. But I selected app not game (not enabled creators prog) and could never enable "Win10 Xbox" at the packages screen. But you can select it now. The person testing did not say it has to be a game. Just that app freezes on startup every time. 🤔 So I assume it was for the apps section on Xbox and if it did not freeze it could be published.

    Would be nice to add apps created with Construct but I have no idea why it freezes on Xbox and runs fine on PC, phone and tablet.

    I thought maybe there is something you need to add (reference/package) or is there any known issue with Xbox exports? I could not test it on my Xbox at home yet.

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  • This is the first I've heard about it. When it freezes, are there any errors in the console? That's always the first thing to check. If not then I think it would be best to take it up with Microsoft and see what they say.

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