How do I write on json?

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  • I have added json, array and AJAX in project file. But i dont know how to write/where to write the json just like laura's tutorial image:

    I would like to know the steps to how she open and write json like stuck in this inventory tutorial.ill try to understand your reply.


  • First thing is adding the file and double-clicking it. You'll open the text editor.

    JSON are very specific about how you write them. There can never be commas in the last statement in a section, and every variable must be inside double quotes, as you can see below:

    Then you can load the file into an object. You can then read and write to the object, like below.

    The resulting text from this experiment would be like below:

    These are all basic tips for you to get started, but feel free to continue this thread if you have any more doubts on the subject.

    Hope it helps.

  • thank you so much, yes it helps. ill be learning more through this.

  • Files are not available in the free version so i couldnt add it. I'll be buying the personel license. But i really understood some things about json from your help. ILL learn after buying the license :)

  • Hi,

    if you're entirely new, I could advise you check out the video tutorials on my youtube channel. I think they will give a lot of useful insights on how to create games in C3 and how to use a lot of the basic concepts

    really hope that helps you on your way

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  • ok bartalluyn, ill check out some of your videos. Hope it helps. And ill be buying the license too to practice some of these features.

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