IS Worth it now to migrate from 2 to 3?

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  • I have a game that i am developing using construct2 but i already have a construct 3 license as well, so is wotrth to migrate?

    What im looking to obtain in migrate, a better performance, and a better output since im aiming to steam launch!.

    here is the video of what i have done so far.

  • There is no easy answer for that ... At the moment C3 is C2 in a browser with some improvements.

    C3 should offer a little better performance and better output, and it would be even better optimized when it will be updated with C3 runtime (at the moment is using the same runtime as C2).

    There is also the problem of plugins, a lot of C2 plugins are not ported to C3.

    Best is to try it for yourself and see how is working.

    My opinion trough (seeing you have a pretty complex game and are getting ready to launch) is to stick at the moment with C2 and make the jump to C3 when it will be out of beta. Or finish this one in C2 and start the next one in C3.

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  • I would agree with above. It depends on what you're doing and how heavily you rely on certain plugins.

    Some plugins have have not been ported to C3 so could cause issues, and I think this might be the biggest hurdle.

    Besides from that C3 runs well, and is pretty stable at the moment.

    Targeting steam I can't comment on since I'm mostly targeting mobile.

  • Well i guess i will stick in with c2 since to migrate to c3 would take go back to spritesheet for my player ship, ( now im using spriter object).

    If you guys whant to see how it is in c3...

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