Why Subscription base For C3 ?

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  • Hello Tom, Ashley, and All Construct Developers First I would like to thank you for your hard work. Second, I understand that you guys are going to use a Subscription base for C3 and I real understand that because you guys need to live. However, I just have one suggestion for the Subscription base, and I really hope you consider it. My idea is only for Personal License where in C2 we have to buy the Business License if we make $5000 or more and really love this idea. However, in C3 pricing I was so disappointed that everyone must do Subscription. What about if you do the $5000 limit again on C3 after the user make that much money she/he need to go under the Subscription base. I hope you look at idea and consider it, and I would love to hear form everyone what do you think of the idea, but I really need to hear specially form Construct Developers. Cheers, Moh

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  • Thanks for your suggestion, I'm afraid it's not a model we think would work.

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