why is animation speed capped by framerate in a DT world?

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  • I'm just curious why limiting animation speed to framerate is a thing?

    Is it possible for animations to be more "unbound" so that I can make it consistent across all framerates?

    (e.g. my game uses high frame counts for fluid animation, but if I have an ability that speeds up the animation speed to x2 then it's not going to work on some computers due to them being capped at 60 FPS.)

    I'm guessing it might skip some frames if that's the case, I'm not sure that it's an issue though. (e.g. if an animation is playing at 100 FPS but the game's framerate is going at 50 FPS then I guess it would skip every 2nd frame, but is that a bad thing?)

  • It would be really helpful to have a checkbox for animations like "Adaptive speed" that would allow to skip some frames when needed.

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  • It's probably just a historical artefact of the original codebase from years ago. I think it was also probably not covered because skipping frames implies wasting memory, since if you have loaded frames in to memory that aren't displayed, then it would be better to reduce the number of animation frames. I can see how it's still problematic if you want a dynamic animation speed that varies widely, though.

    It's also difficult to change things like this without breaking existing projects, since for example if there are lots of projects out there that set an animation speed to 999 in events and just use that for a kind of maximum speed playback, then changing it to do frame-skipping will change how those projects work, and possibly break them.

    You should be able to work around it by controlling the animation in events and using 'Set animation frame'.

  • That's fair enough.

    Thanks for the work around idea!

    Perhaps it's something to add to the list for Construct 4! Though I'm guessing you're content to stick with C3 for now haha.

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