Why does "Add Functions" action list have 2 categories?

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  • Ashley

    When I go to call a function via the new Function(Built-In) object, there are both "Function" & "Function (Built-In)" categories in the add action window. It seems the former is new functions, and the latter is functions that were converted from the old object.

    I'd rather not have two categories though, and it seems redundant since they're all part of the new function system now. Why continue to separate them after conversion? Is there a way for me to fix this on my own through editing project files?

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  • convert the old functions to the new Function method. Then remove the Function object and you won't see them come up anymore since the old Function was an 'object'.

  • jobel I'm not referring to the objects, just the "add action" categories. Here...The one function (blacked out) in "Functions" is a brand new one, but the ones under "Functions (Built-In)" were all converted. I see no reason they can't go in the same category because they've been converted and have nothing to do with the old object anymore.

  • This only happens if you use both the old Function plugin and new built-in functions in the same project. It adds "(built-in)" to the name of the built-in functions to help distinguish it from the Function plugin (otherwise they'd have nearly identical names). The separate category is just a quirk of that. It'll go away if you delete the old Function plugin.

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