What's the best way to work games with Construct as teams.

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  • If you are working with a few people on games, what's the best way to do it. Let's say you have a


    Graphic Artist

    Level Designer

    Has anybody done this?

  • Hmmm, I haven't done it myself...but im thinking working with some ppl probably soon someday. I can draw but my skills aint up to par of a professional level yet. But im getting there. I would say that is a good way to start tho. When I was looking into game designing. They usually do have a team of people to do a specific tasked. Whether it's a team of 5 or team of 100. They are grouped for certain tasks.

    If I was to work with a team I would have done it the way you used it in your post as well.

  • My only experience was with those 3 roles where I was the back end and kept the capx, while the artist sent artwork with correct dimensions etc so he only needed to see the end product and demos for review. The level designer exported tilemaps as json which I imported and set with an array, so only the programmer needed to work on the master file. That was with a tile-based game though.

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  • SVN or Git with GUI's...and a lot of alcohol to ease the pain cause Construct isn't the most friendly with em.

  • Wine. ha

    No but really you better just have one programmer.

  • Agree with other posters. I've tried to team dev with Construct in the past. It's def not the right tool for that.

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