What's the best way to merge several projects

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  • Hi there,

    What's the best way to merge several projects together? I have a couple of projects that were supposed to be independent games but now I want to merge them together. What's the easiest way to do this?

  • In my personal experience open the new main project and one of the side projects and copy and paste all sprites into the new main project. Then select first event in event sheet of old project scroll to bottom hold shift select last event right click copy then paste over into either a new event sheet in new project or one massive event sheet your decision. Just do know this all sprites and variables must have the same names as in the original project or else you'll receive an error. Finally before copying over make sure no sprites in or variables in old project have the same name as any in new project if they do rename them in old project before trying to carry them over.

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  • if you want to merge all of your projects then defiantly you have to arrange them properly to avoid confusions while editing, So here are my steps to do this

    open your any two projects and the choose any one where you can add other projects and then create a new Layout

    1. First of all rename all images, variables, families & group names to avoid duplicate. change names by adding your game name in front of them.
    2. a) if your image name is 'background' and your game name is 'Stick Man' then you should rename your background image to 'stickman_background'
      b) change your variables names similarly 'stickman_variable'
      c) do the same with families and groups name
    3. First of all insert all plugins that used in your project
    4. copy all global variables from that project
    5. copy all images
    6. if your projects has families then create families and if your projects has any behavior and variables then add behavior and variable to that family.
    7. Change layout and events sheets names accordingly.
    8. Now copy all events from your project to new project.

    Now you have 2 projects in one. you have to follow all these steps again to import you all projects.

    Once you have imported all projects then you have to make your events to play them

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