WebGL and NW.js [Solved]

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  • We have a Construct3 project that we export using NW.js. However when putting it on a specific laptop, we are getting a "Software update needed" with "WebGL Missing". NW.js 0.49.0

    My confusion is that I thought NW.js had it's own browser that it shipped the game in, so it should be computer irrelevant and not need anything from the computer browsers.

    For clarity the project can run on other laptops, and I can get a different project to run on laptop in question.

    Thoughts really appreciated.

  • Hi there, this is a bit of a bump. Any thoughts on why we get a web gl missing when rendering with NW.js. Did I get it wrong, that it has it's own browser, so why is the webGL missing? Did I perhaps render it wrong or miss a setting somewhere? Thanks in advance

  • try this

    open "package.json" file and add "--ignore-gpu-blacklist"

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  • FYI there is already an "Ignore GPU blacklist" checkbox when exporting to NW.js, and it's checked by default.

  • Hi Eren, thanks so much for taking the time to post a response. That is already there, ticked the checkbox before rendering. Any other ideas? Still do not understand considering NW.js, I thought, wrapped up a browser.

  • Hi Ashley thanks for the input. Any thoughts on this? Am I right about the browser being included.

  • Yes, it includes a browser engine, and a software renderer fallback for WebGL, so it should always work. I've no idea why it doesn't.

  • Hi Ashley, thanks at least for the response. Could the fact that we made it in Construct2, and have moved it to Construct3, have any bearing?

  • Hi Ashley, sorry perhaps this was pertinant, but this is machine specific. The game plays on some machines, but not on a specific machine. Does NW.js have any pre-requisites that are needed?

  • Switch the project to the C3 runtime if you haven't already. Then it runs like any other C3 project.

    Other than that, I can only speculate it's a device with broken graphics drivers. That's usually what causes these types of issues. That's why the message says to install software updates - hopefully you'd get an updated driver.

  • Ashley sorry for taking so long to feedback. So after three days of windows updates (which may well have included a graphics driver update), it finally started working. Who knows how long since the client updated their machine. So there was obviously some kind of dependancy that was missing. Thanks for all the help.

  • I have the same problem here, but happening under different circumstances :

    After installing the program with inno setup on Windows 10, when launching from the start menu and then clicking "added recently" the window will open and display the message above.

    On the other hand, when you right click this item, it'll bring you to the "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\" folder, and when you double click on the program from there, it works just fine.

    My export was made from C3 runtime, using NWjs' last version (0.54) and ignore gpu blacklist was left checked by default.

    Any idea guys ?

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