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  • Hi there

    I recently move to C3 from 7 years working full time in Unity Engine. My main driving force was the fact that unity html5 publishing does not run well on mobile since it requires WebGL2.

    Can someone please clarify C3 WebGL2 requirements for me. I did a lot of searches and can't seem to find a clear answer if/when it will be required on the user's phone. The work I do is training and it runs on mobile devices, so it is important for me to know the limitations.

    Does it depend on the features I use in my C3 project or is it a hard wired dependency in C3?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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  • C3 requires either WebGL 1 or WebGL 2. For the purposes of Construct WebGL 2 is not particularly important; it will use it if it's there but there won't be much meaningful difference in how the game runs. (It might be a little more efficient sometimes, but that's about it.)

    WebGL 1 support is effectively ubiquitous these days, being supported on virtually all desktop and mobile devices.

    Coincidentally, there's a lot more background in this blog post I recently wrote.

  • Thanks for the reply - sorry I missed that post, but I will definitely look at it.

    Really enjoying your product, btw:)

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