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  • Hi !

    I just got a new computer with Linuw Mint installed, but it seems there is an issue with WebGL on Firefox. My graphic drivers were apparently up to date, so I don't see where the problem could come from. Is it possible to have a more detail error message from Construct about what's not working with WebGL? Also, did some of you had a similar problem and managed to resolve it?

    Thanks guyz!

  • Try using Chrome instead of Firefox..

    You can access chrome://gpu to see if webgl is working or not

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  • Hum, here is what I get whith chrome://gpu :

    Graphics Feature Status

    Canvas: Hardware accelerated

    Flash: Hardware accelerated

    Flash Stage3D: Hardware accelerated

    Flash Stage3D Baseline profile: Hardware accelerated

    Compositing: Hardware accelerated

    Multiple Raster Threads: Disabled

    Out-of-process Rasterization: Disabled

    Hardware Protected Video Decode: Unavailable

    Rasterization: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled

    Skia Renderer: Disabled

    Video Decode: Unavailable

    Viz Display Compositor: Enabled

    Viz Hit-test Surface Layer: Disabled

    WebGL: Hardware accelerated

    WebGL2: Hardware accelerated

    Obviously there is something wrong, but I wouldn't know where to start. Do you have some idea?

  • That shows that WebGL appears to be working fine:

    WebGL: Hardware accelerated

    WebGL2: Hardware accelerated

  • On Chrome, yes, at first : I can see layout scenes. But when I try to test a project (either Demonoire or Kiwi Story for example), all I have is a black screen. Back on the editor, I can't see layout scenes anymore.

    On Firefox, I have this error several times in the console :

    * Refused to create native OpenGL context because of blacklist entry: FEATURE_FAILURE_OPENGL_1

  • It looks like the graphics drivers are just too unreliable to support WebGL then. It's not uncommon on Linux, since the drivers are often less well supported than other systems (unfortunately). If you're using open-source drivers, switching to proprietary ones may help, since they are often better quality (understandably, since they are developed by the hardware vendor rather than volunteers trying to reverse-engineer complex hardware!)

  • Got it! I'll look into that. Thanks for your help to both of you!

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