Webfonts not supported in UWP export?

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  • Just tried to run a project in Visual Studio where I used some imported web fonts but I get this in the console when I try to test it:

    SCRIPT5009: Ausnahmefehler in Zeile 142, Spalte 4642 in ms-appx://07b9f614-52cd-4172-adc2-e44d8ae3bfeb/scripts/c3runtime.js

    0x800a1391 - JavaScript runtime error: 'FontFace' is not defined

    c3runtime.js (142,4642)

    Error loading: ReferenceError: 'FontFace' is not defined

    c3runtime.js (142,3689)

    "Error loading: "


    [functions]: ,

    __proto__: { },

    description: "'FontFace' is not defined",

    message: "'FontFace' is not defined",

    name: "ReferenceError",

    number: -2146823279,

    stack: "ReferenceError: 'FontFace' is not defined

    at prototype._LoadWebFont (ms-appx://07b9f614-52cd-4172-adc2-e44d8ae3bfeb/scripts/c3runtime.js:142:4642)

    at Generator.prototype.next (native code)"


    FontFace is not definded. A Bug?

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  • You should check the beta releases - I think we fixed that in r135.2.

  • Thanks. Did not check betas for a while cause I'm working on some apps and games and prefer stable builds when in production. 👍

    I'll try it with beta when I'm back.

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