My web game is displaying differently on two 1920x1080 laptop screens... (SOLVED)

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    I have two browser games that are built using the same "engine". One uses the C2 runtime. The other uses the new C3 runtime. Both games run at 1920 x 1080, using scale inner for the display. (I use the browser object to change to full screen, this may negate the display setting.)

    I have two laptops, both running 1920 x 1080 resolution. Chrome zoom is at 100% on both machines. Display "scaling" is at 125% on both machines.

    Using the C2 runtime, the full game screen is visible on both games. Using the C3 runtime, one of the laptops looks fine, but the other is only showing about 80% of the screen. (I can see the full screen only by pressing CTRL- to zoom out to 80%.)

    Any ideas why this is happening? I'm thinking there might be a setting problem with one of the machines, but I have no idea which one. (Note that I tried the display scaling already.)

    UPDATE: I tried changing back to the C2 runtime but I was still having the same issues. (Last year's game worked fine, so I'm not sure what I changed.)

    SOLVED: The issue seemed to be related to me going to full screen mode, so I checked the Browser object's settings and found that I was using "Centered" for the diplay. When I changed to "Scale Inner" it fixed my problem!

  • john Cutter

    on her laptop, I would check Display Settings, scroll down to the Scale and Layout section and see if it is zoomed in there. Set that back to 100% and you will probably be ok.

    I went back and found the rest of last years eggs... I almost gave up at 49. The last two levels were challenging!

  • I thought about the scaling. Sure enough, mine is set at 100% and my wife's is at 125%. (These are the recommended settings on both of our laptops.)

    Unfortunately, I tried changing MY scaling from 100% to 125% and it didn't make a difference. I can still see the full game screen.

    AllanR I can't believe people are actually finishing the game. Some of those eggs were practically impossible to find. I'm trying to be more "fair" this year. :-) Did you discover that you can zoom in and out with the middle mouse wheel?

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  • Glad you solved your problem and this was such a cute game for your kid, really heart warming and nicely done. Some of the eggs drove us crazy, but my older son and I also finished it! Very clever hiding!

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