web fonts don't work on samsung internet browser only

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  • Any one making browser based games come across this issue recently? The woff fonts used in my game doesn't render.. they just fall back to device fonts. This only happens on Samsung internet browser only. I've tested on many samsung devices and they all had the latest updated browser.

    I think this could be a browser bug. Any one had this issue and did any work around it?

    I tried altering the syte.css file that gets generated to something like


    font-family: 'bungee-regular';

    src: url(‘fonts/bungee-regular.eot’);

    src: url('fonts/bungee-regular.woff2') format('woff2'),

    url('fonts/bungee-regular.woff') format('woff');


    still doesn't seem to work

  • I think this is a bug from construct.

    Because I just checked the leaderboard HTML page I created for the same game using the same fonts. They appear just fine..

    BTW this only happens on Samsung internet browser. The rest I checked are fine.

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  • This was a bug on Samsung Internet browser. I spoke to their dev team and got it fixed. They recently pushed a new update fixing the issue. Now its rendering fine.

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