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  • With the complications of exporting to a myriad of different platforms and devices and the inevitable changes they all will go through I'm wondering if we should be looking deeper at streaming services such as Stadia, and eventually Project Xcloud.

    Taking into account that these services bypass many of the headaches at the premium of having to have a higher bandwidth.


    Is this going to become the industry standard?

    Should we be going in this direction?

  • Pro: User video streaming

    Con: Availability of different video streaming services.

  • Nice topic.

    The concept of Cloud Gaming (further CG) exists for quite some time, but only now we get some serious implementations of that concept.

    It already burrowed its way as a new standard, but I don't really sense the need to move in this direction yet. After all C3 is a 2D Game Engine and proper 2D games aren't made to work only on high-end computers. Most of the people will consider getting a game for CG only because their devices can't carry it and also provided they have good online connection, live in the region where CG is supported.

    Better wait for CG to grow then we'll see.

  • After all C3 is a 2D Game Engine and proper 2D games aren't made to work only on high-end computers.

    That's true, but CG offers AAA titles its biggest benefit, the lack of a large download. They can have gigabytes, and even hundreds of gigs, a feature we could also take advantage of.

    Of course that brings up the question of the game experience. Services might lose sight of users who want to play casual games.

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  • Hardly any C3 game weights even half of a gigabite. Also at the moment pixel-art stylized games dominate and those take full benefit of nearest sampling which means they have no need to import art of the exact size they're planning to use in the game heavily decreasing their download size.

    I didn't see any C3 game with 30-40 soundtracks or very complex sound systems either which would increase download size significantly.

    So does CG really needs C3 level of games? If you can just download 200mb games & play it at the best quality without intermediaries?

    Plus CG is basically a video. So Pixel-Art likely will lose quality, smooth edges which is not something a pixel-art fan would enjoy. The quickiest solution to that is upscale streamed video specifically for this type of games, but that would mean Pixel-Art games would be even more demanding than AAA games!

    That means currently CG is not supporting pixel art. For the real solution, they need to introduce pixellated filter that would be used after video is streamed. With that they could in turn significantly reduce size of the recorded video making Pixel Art games run faster than all other games.

    Let's wait until this feature is implemented.

  • Well my argument is that this is going to happen anyway, and it should be for the better.

    I mean there will be no disparity between console, and mobile, you upload once to get both.

    But it's a different way to do user interaction, and resembles something closer to multiplayer than standard controls. We need to start looking at those api's now.

    The motto needs to change from "There will be bugs" to "There will be lag".

  • Or more realistic "There will be bugs & lags"

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