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  • Have there been any advances doing VR yet? I know it's a 2D engine, but I just played this Construct 2 VR demo on my Oculus Go headset and it was pretty cool:


    I had to set the Oculus VR internal settings to 3D Side By Side and 180 Degrees. It wouldn't respond to head motions, but it did respond to the Oculus controller when I pressed the trigger button and moved my hand in the direction I wanted the dog to go.

    I see a lot of possibilities for VR apps and games with this and I'm curious if I should give it a go in Construct 2 or Construct 3?

  • Am I the only one thinking about VR apps and games with Construct? :)

  • Sorry I don’t use Construct to build VR apps and games

  • Sorry for reviving an old thread, but this is exactly what I was going to ask. Like the OP, we all know that Construct is traditionally for 2D games and that an engine like Unity is more suited for these purposes, buttttt...... screw that! I love Construct. We have parallax scrolling and Z layers and so many other wonderful things that can make this possible.

    Does anyone have any tips on where to get started? Are there any good tut's on this? Any good threads that I should read through?

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  • You can view any website through the oculus 2 quest. If you publish your Construct 3 to a web site you can view it in VR.

  • You can view any website through the oculus 2 quest. If you publish your Construct 3 to a web site you can view it in VR.

    That's good that we are able to view a static 2d representation of our creations, like we could on our phones, but I think that defeats the main purpose/idea of VR itself. Similar is watching video online. There are websites that have normal 2d videos, that you can watch through the Oculus browser. There are 180* and 360* videos, that allow you to turn your head and see things happening off screen. Then there are truer 3D creations that allow you to move forward and backward in the scene.

    I am look to climb up this hierarchy, probably starting with 180/360 scenes that have an illusion of depth created through parallax scrolling and z layers.

  • I've noticed that the hot new thing is to have online 'WebXR' capabilities. Perhaps this could be possible for Construct in the future?

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