10 vote limit makes Suggestions Forum useless

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  • Scirra

    As per above. I think this is a pretty short sighted limitation.

    It means that new suggestions will have less access to votes, if any, once the general user base has used up their votes. And due to the nature of software development those votes will remain "locked" and thus useless for months , even years. It also means users are less likely to return as they know they have no votes left.

    (It is not as if users will keep re-visiting to shift around their votes).

    Would be far better to unlock voting.

    And have a max of one vote per user per suggestion.

    Then you would really see what people are interested in.

  • In the current system, users think carefully what they really need. If the voting is unlimited, everybody would upvote everything then nothing will be important Also Construct Team doesn't have unlimited resources so limiting the votes makes sense.

    My suggestion is when idea tags are changed to declined, already exist, shipped etc. , people should get their votes back automatically. But I don't know aha.io has such a feature.

  • Yeah, lots of people just vote for everything if you don't put a limit in.

    There are over 200 ideas on there. If we can manage 1 feature a week average, that's over 4 years of work. Meanwhile there's all the bug reports, maintenance, support etc. still going on. It's not like the more votes there are the more we can get done. So we want to force people to only issue votes for the thing they want most to help us prioritise. You can always log on and rearrange your votes if you want.

    BTW I checked with aha.io, votes on features marked shipped aren't counted to your limit, so you can re-use them.

  • spent my votes months and montsh ago, so I never visit the suggestions anymore.. I'm clueless to whatever is being suggested.

  • Also keep in mind just because something has a certain number of votes doesn't necessarily mean they will (or won't) see it or work on it. While more popular ideas get more immediate visibility, I would not be surprised if the Scirra team actually does at least read every single suggestion. The ones with fewer votes are less likely to be responded to is all. If it is a good suggestion, I'm sure they take it into account.

    The unixtime suggestion had like 10 votes and it got implemented very quickly (due to simplicity). On the other hand, the cloud/realtime collaborative editing feature has 100 votes and just isn't going to be done.

    Rather than worrying about the number of votes, quality of suggestions is probably more important. If you feel a particular suggestion isn't getting enough attention, they do not discourage bringing it up on the forums for discussion either.

    PS. Also remember the suggestion forum isn't really for the users, it is a tool for the developers.

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  • I would not be surprised if the Scirra team actually does at least read every single suggestion.

    I do read every single suggestion. I check the new suggestions list every day.

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