Violation of Inappropriate Ads policy

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  • Hello

    My play store has alert my app per following....


    Issue: Violation of Inappropriate Ads policy

    The ads shown within your app must be appropriate for the intended audience of your app, even if the content by itself is otherwise compliant with our policies. For example, ads that show mature content or services cannot be served in apps that have a content rating for younger audiences.


    I reading... the way to solve it ...

    but I can not find the "Ad content rating tab"

    I not sure that... can you fix it in Construct 3 ?

    Pls adviss......


    Set the maximum ad content rating for your entire account

    Sign in to your AdMob account at

    Click Blocking controls in the sidebar.

    Click the Ad content rating tab.

    Click Edit (Edit) beside the "Account-level max ad content rating" field.

    Select the maximum ad content rating you want applied to your entire account. You should select the maximum ad content rating that’s suitable for your app users.

    The rating you set here applies to all your apps that default to the account-level setting. Each rating is cumulative. For example, if you choose T, the ad content will include ads rated G, PG, and T, but block ads rated MA.

    Click Save.


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