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  • Greetings, so, i have been developing a game, obviously, and one major problem I am still having with the game is that i want the game to be fully shown at all times, that said, i made my View Port size the size of the game map, and I tried all 4 of the Full Screen Modes, i thought, based on what i understand from the documentation, that Full Screen Scale Inner was exactly what I would want, but this is not the case, on a Viewport of 1280 x 1024 with Scale Inner, the entire lower and upper section is not shown, that is about 32 pixels from the top is not there and 32 pixels from the bottom is not there.

    When i do Scale Outer, I get another obvious problem, more than the game is shown, additionally when you resize the game window in a browser, the left edge disappears and starts removing itself, starting at 32 pixels shift to the left outside of the view area and gets worse as you try to rescale the window, this is also unacceptable, so then i tried LetterBox Scale, this doesn't have the scaling artifact that Sale outer has as a problem, nor does it have the clipping problem that scale inner has, but it has the black border, again, not what i want, so finally i tried Letterbox Integer scale, black all around the edge, doesn't have the scaling issues that both Scale Inner and Scale Outer have but again, not what i want.

    So there are clear issues with Scale Inner for me, obvious resize clipping problems with Scale Outer, black borders on Letterbox scaling but neither of those have the clipping resize issue, has anyone found a clear and clean way to have the viewport project scaling to work so that the entire viewport is the only thing that is shown in the game window without clipping problems when you resize the window?

    Note, i have created a bug report on the whole layout viewport mode thing with C3 and issues with the upper 1/4 only showing, but that was closed due to no one can reproduce these problems with viewport, so i am literally looking for community help here on this, all i want is my game to be edge to edge from within the viewport itself, always, regardless of the resize of the window. I have totally failed at this.

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