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  • Hello! I'm Sai and I am the Director for a video game design camp called Game Worlds. We teach kids how to make a video game in a week the way actual developers would and the engine we use is Construct 3. I'd love to pick the brains of anyone here for a variety of topics, so I went ahead and joined the forums officially. I love how kind and informative this community is for the most part. My boss, who's run this camp for almost a decade, swears by both Construct 3 and the people around it. I've gone on these forums HUNDREDS of times since I started and cannot say thank you enough to everyone for keeping this environment fun, friendly, and educational.

    Simple question. I just wanted to know if anyone was doing a Construct-specific Game Jam this fall or winter, before we go ahead and make our own? I'll try to post what our kids have come up with this summer season on here but you can play the rest of their games at

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  • last summer (2020) I did this with my son and 4 of his friends. During the lockdown it was all they had in terms of seeing each other and they loved it. Ages were around 10-11. It went great, kids loved it.

    I think Scirra does some construct-specific jams online sometimes. I think they are usually like 1 week or a month long or something. Other than that I don't know of any c3 specific jams.

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  • Roger that! Thanks for letting me know what you could. And isn't a great way to stay connected?! Grateful for technology for this reason.

  • I bet Laura_D would know!

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