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  • Hi there Ashley and the Construct 3 Team,

    I am a Standard Early-Adopter of Construct 2 and loved some of the features there. I got to use the application on and off over the years but never really dived into it full time until I started playing around with Construct 3.

    For someone with very limited knowledge on how to program, I'm loving every bit of what Construct 3 has to offer to an artist.

    As I am getting used to Construct 3's interface, I have a small UX wish-list for some of the features that I use very often. Some of these suggestions already exited in C2. This wish-list is only suggestions to help improve C3's experience slightly and make it 'feel' similar to most art-friendly interfaces (like Photoshop, Animate, etc).


    Layer - Left Align Content

    Left Align the content in each layer. The content now is fitted a bit more tighter to the gray frame of the 'Layers' panel, and it gives users a sense of precision when hitting the Preview Toggle button.

    I love the way C2 had this left aligned, but the icon alignment corresponding to the layer icon was misaligned. Hoping C3 tackles this well

    Feature: Toggle Preview and Lock All Layers

    Use Case : When working on projects with multiple layers, toggling all layers becomes a bit cumbersome. User has to click on each individual layers preview / lock to perform the desired action.

    Solution Add a shortcut feature icon to 'Toggle All' for Preview and Lock.

    To make this feature more intuitive - Holding Ctrl on any layers 'lock' will toggle that specific layer to it's opposite state and all layers will get toggled to that selected layers final state

    Holding 'Alt' on a specific layer will not affect the selected layer, but toggle all other layers to the opposite state of the selected layer

    Ability to Rename 'Layout'

    Use Case : User has to go to Project / Layouts to rename the selected Game Layout.

    Solution Adding the rename icon next to the layer header gives users the option to quickly rename a Layout.

    I'm just one of the many use cases C3 is being designed for and I was hoping the team would find this info useful and hopefully tackle these minor inconveniences.

    Cheers to the team for all the rock solid work and update!


    Hit Area

    Use Case: The Preview and Lock icons are slightly of two different sizes, and this means two different hit areas. The hit areas are defined to a defined grid view. This means that the user has to be extremely precise to hit those icons and also take a moment to be precise when clicking between the two icons

    Solution:Align the lower end of the Lock icon with the preview icon. Increase the height of both Preview and Lock icons. Increase the size of the hit area of both icons so it becomes even more easier to click

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  • Wow! Very detailed and great suggestions. Please also add to: https://construct3.ideas.aha.io

  • Wow! Very detailed and great suggestions. Please also add to: https://construct3.ideas.aha.io

    Ah, Thanks for that suggestions - Cheers!

    Refer: https://construct3.ideas.aha.io/ideas/C3-I-513

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