Does using one event sheet for the entire game affect performance?

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  • If I was to create a game only using one event sheet, would it affect performance?

    For example if the player was in the menu, all the coding for the entire game would be there too in the background even though there are no objects for it in the menu or variables that are in the menu, would it still affect performance?

  • Nope.

    All that matters is what's in the events, and their order.

  • Thank you.

    What if for example in the menu there was a code from the main game

    "every tick > animate random clouds"

    and there was no clouds object in the menu, only in the main game... so even then the game performance is still NOT affected? even though the code is saying "every tick" but there are no cloud objects.

    Thank you for your time.

  • The only time you have to worry about that is when you reference objects that are not associated with the current layout. You would get a notification that it can't do that anyway.

  • Are you referring to the notification when you're testing the game that you get when you reference an object that is not in any layout and therefore can't spawn one?

  • _Yep.

  • Please don't do this.

    Your future you will curse your present you forever.

  • _Yep.

    Thank you

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  • Please don't do this.

    Your future you will curse your present you forever.

    Why not? is it because of the organisation problems? if so then I prefer to have everything under one sheet because I use to code with multiple sheets in the past and then I started struggling to find the codes I made from before and also started making duplicate codes and started wondering why the game still worked the way it did even though I modified it etc.

    One sheet has been working great for me for months now, I just use CTRL + F to find what I need (I also use groups a lot). But I was considering to move the multiple sheets if single sheets caused performance loss.

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