Using external pixel art editors: Best practices for Construct 3 workflow?

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  • Wondering for large projects with many sprites, what kind of workflows have people designed to go back and forth between engine and editor? (I'm a user of Cosmigo's excellent Pro Motion NG pixel art editor.)

    In my case, it's easy enough to export sprite strips from Pro Motion and import them to Construct 3's using the UI's animation editor, but it gets tedious every time I want to make a graphic change to existing animations. For one thing, re-importing a sprite strip destroys the collision polygons and frame durations, so I have to export each animation as separate images for each frame, then literally drag and drop each image into each existing frame in C3's animation editor. (No, I don't want to do these graphical changes in Construct as all my palettes, layers, and other project setup are in Pro Motion, and of course being a dedicated, full featured editor it just has better tools.)

    I don't know if it's possible or even a good idea to directly edit the sprite PNGs stored in the .c3p file with an external editor. The next best thing I could think of would be writing a custom script to take exports from the editor and replace the corresponding images within the .c3p file, though that seems risky. (Pro Motion does have a facility to trigger an executable upon export for this purpose.)

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  • For Collision why not use an invisible sprite. In 2d games, most cases using this method is precise enough. Regarding to frame duration, simulate it in your own animation in a way that what you export from your program is exactly what you expect. Of course, would be awesome to export the sprite strip again and construct automaticly update everything, but that's not the case.

    edit: if the size of your character changes a lot, you can update it by events so it fits the sprite, but it dependes of what you are looking for.

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