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  • I have been doing some testing and trying to leverage Construct 3 as my primary development tool to create playable ads(mini games in the form of an advert). I have had some success deploying playable ads developed in C2 and C3 across a few ad networks.

    There are a few caveats.. Depending on the ad network, there are a few requirements that make it a serious challenge without modifying the HTML export files. I have successfully been able to deploy playable ads on GoogleUAC, ironSource, and Unity. There are a bunch of others I know will work as well with similar requirements as the previously mentioned ad networks.

    Facebook though, has been the biggest challenge. The requirements are :

    A single file for playable ad that contains all assets as part of that single HTML file and assets should be data URI compressed. (Javascript, CSS, images, sounds).

    Aside from js, css, and/or json that's relatively easy, along with converting an image to base64 data URI as well. Is it possible to do with the sprite sheets and how C3 references the image assets? OR is it even possible overall?

  • Construct is primarily a game engine so there hasn't been much of a push for features related to "creatives" even though it beats just about all existing frameworks made for ads already... except a few features like the one you are asking about.

    That being said it should be possible to embed the uri strings into variables, or other means, but you have to take size into consideration.

    Svg might be a better approach, but that file type hasn't really gotten the attention it deserves in Construct. To be honest adding some things is often easier said than done.

    Then you still have to get the runtime embedded into the html file.

    That would require a fair amount of elbow twisting of the developers.

    Any way I am curious as to how well this has worked out so far.

    Sharing your success stories might actually grease the wheels for adding these things as well.

  • even though it beats just about all existing frameworks made for ads already

    I couldn't agree more.

    I see a massive opportunity here for Scirra to capitalize on a market that is primed for easier tools to develop playable creatives. In all honesty it's a win win for both parties, developers and Scirra. The ability to make a game and create a playable advert for said game, seems like a no brainer. Plus, if construct could "do it all" so to speak, there is an instant in at the enterprise level. (typical playable ads created by a vendor cost 6K and up!)

    Size is definitely an issue when dealing with an embedded uri string method - (adds about 200-300kb) Luckily these types of ads should be rather small in terms of functionality. SVG would definitely solve some of this.

    I have some more tests with the new C3 runtime. Exporting for HTML5 seems to have changed a bit in regards to the folder structure and files exported. One thing that is an issue for many of the ad networks is no outside URL calls. So I typically nuke the icons and comment out the portion that looks for icons if using the C3 branded loading screen within the runtime.

    You can also remove some of the offline stuff as well since it's not required for this use.

    I highly recommend using google's HTML5 Validator : for testing builds after export.

    Which is a great starting point and aids in letting you know exactly what HTTP or URL requests that are being made, along with any other issues that would prevent the ad from displaying properly.

    Also valerypopoff's JavaScript addon is a godsend when having to call ad network specific api's - like an exit api.

    I work in the mobile game industry at a large studio - and have been trying to introduce Construct into our pipeline. I've done some proof of concepts in this area with some decent success. Issues like a single HTML method would be a great option considering FB is a universally used ad network. ( I honestly hope they change their requirements - they seem archaic in relation to other ad networks. ) That said when I research this space - there is limited information on authoring playable ads. Phaser seems to be the industry standard due to flexibility for such cases. BUT dev time increases ten fold. I personally feel Construct is far superior in terms usage, and the overall engine in general.

    I'll continue to post my findings and test results to keep this conversation going.

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  • I can attest that it does work at least for mobile type "playables".

    I can't say a whole lot about it, but the company I've worked for said that they choose Construct because the runtimes are exceptionally small compared to other frameworks, including other game engines.

    Really what better way to advertise a game than being able to play it in the space of an ad?

  • I'm teaching myself how to make playable ads with Construct, and would love any more tips you have. (Any luck with Facebook since you posted last? )

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