Using AdMob on C3 is lagging my 2d simple game... BADLY

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  • Hi, I'm using the AdMob object in my game and I'm showing all ads properly, but when the ads are loading (create ad events) the game lags really bad in maybe 50% of devices... Even when only refreshing the banner ad, the whole system lags... Only mobile devices with really good memory (the newest models) are running the game 100%. I can confirm it is the AdMob events, since if I play the game on airplane mode, with no internet connection at all, the game runs alright, so it is not a problem with how the game was made...

    I have tried to get help on this before and am still having this problem. Users are leaving bad reviews on the play store and they are right, it sucks to play the game when its lagging so much.

    Again, if the internet is disabled and the admob events cant be used, the game runs fine...

    Have anyone had this problem???? Is there something I can do????

    I'm following C3 manual properly, using the right events.... There are not many options, I create the ad once, use Show Ad when the ad is ready/loaded. Ads are showing right but if the device is not top of the line, it lags...

    I dont understand how an old device can run minecraft but not run my 2d simple game with ads without lagging.... Very frustrating. If I cannot fix this, I cannot continue with new projects.


  • I saw a very similar post a few days ago, but now it appears to be removed. Was it yours?

    I suggest you make a simple demo (say, using one of the official templates), add Admob, record a video of the issue and log a bug report.

  • Note we don't make AdMob and can't fix any problems with it, so you may want to report this to AdMob directly instead.

  • Hi Ashley I believe it's some thing related to how C3 receives or deals with the ads... I can play any game in my old phone, with admob ads, and they dont lag when loading... I think I'll send an email to support with a project, maybe you guys can check it if I'm doing anything very wrong... But I have followed the manual and ads are running fine, revenue is happening, but game is lagging when loading or changing ads...

    dop2000 thanks for your attention, maybe it was me, as this issue is happening for a while now... i have tried different settings, but always the same... I can play minecraft normally and my phone cannot deal with the ads without lagging....

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  • Our code more or less just tells AdMob "show ad" and "hide ad".

    Absolutely everything else, such as loading and displaying the ad, is handled by AdMob.

    So if there's any issue with performance, I strongly suspect it is on AdMob's side. It is extremely difficult to imagine how code as simple as our "show ad" command could cause this type of problem. It is far more likely it's to do with displaying the ad, which is handled by AdMob.

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