Any useful guides on getting started with a pixel arts game?

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  • I'm thinking about getting started on a top down pixel art RPG/town builder hybrid thing. Problem is I'm a noob to construct 3 so there are several hurdles I need to overcome:

    1. What resolution should I got for things like characters, buildings, tiles etc?

    2. Useful functions/events I should know about for this type of game?

    3. Any useful youtube tutorials on making pixel art games in Construct 3?

    Note that by pixel art, I'm not talking about super-low res NES level graphics, but something like StarDew Valley.


    A common misconception is that you need to target a specific resolution, like 1280x720. However there are a huge range of resolutions in common use. It's much better to pick an aspect ratio, then scale the game to fit that.

    Events and functions are things you build yourself for your game. "Useful events for this type of game" might be premade libraries in traditional programming, they are loosely related to plugins and behaviors in Construct. Best to go through them in the manual to see what might be useful for you. The tilemap object and 8 direction behavior would likely be of interest.

    There's nothing special about making pixel art in Construct, there are a billion video guides to creating pixel art in general. Depends on the style you're looking for. You probably want dedicated image editing software to do so, as the animation editor in Construct is very bare bones. The only specific thing you might want to do is when creating a new project, make sure the "Optimize for pixel art" box is checked.

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    it'S for artifacts-free pixel art without using the constricting "optimize for pixel art" options

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