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  • Would it be reasonable to group all triggered conditions at the top when selecting conditions?

    I think it is fairly safe to say that best practice involves all events being triggered whenever possible, so this change would put emphasis on using triggers.

    Also, once a trigger is added to an event, other triggers no longer appear on the list. By grouping them together, the relative position of the remaining non-trigger conditions gets preserved and is more consistent. Sometimes I'm scanning down one side the list for a particular condition, but it was actually on the other side because the position changed after triggers are removed.

    It would also be more obvious that triggers have been removed from the list.

    This probably falls into the lots of work for little benefit category, but just wanted to throw it out here for discussion and see if it might have negative impact to workflow for others that I didn't think of.

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  • I'm not sure. If I have several behaviors added to a sprite, I would prefer seeing triggers and conditions for each behavior in one group, and separated from other behaviors.

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