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  • Since Construct 3 news has been released there has been some confusion over what exactly it can do or is planned to do.

    While going over the news articles and reading the dev posts you can gather the information needed, it would be best to add bullet points/sections to Construct3.com to list the features already revealed.


    • MultiPlatform Editor!

    Using web technologies you can use the editor from your Web Browser* on any platform! Win OSX Linux**, Even Android!

    *Needs Chrome, Firefox support soon

    [link to features needed by a browser]

    **In browser, standalone desktop app planned

    And and so on.

    This way we have a nice official and constantly updated list of what's promised, with a message at the bottom stating

    "More features to be revealed soon, pay attention at [link to Scirra Blog]"

    And list when the beta is set to start so they know how long the news will go on for (Q2, specific month, or day)

    This would cover all of what Scirra has revealed and also inform the users who tend to be quick to the gun in assuming things like a desktop app is not planned, or at the very least provide a quick reference so people don't have to dig through the news posts and releated dev posts for every detail.

  • I agree. +1

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  • It will be interesting to see how they find the experience of using Electron/NW.JS to export a big project (Construct 3)

  • It will be interesting to see how they find the experience of using Electron/NW.JS to export a big project (Construct 3)

    The obvious first choice for that is W10 universal apps.

    We are a captive audience.

    So the question is if they will try to get C3 on Steam.

    I don't really see that as a necessity given that they already have a presence there with C2, and subscriptions don't fit into the Steam system that well(aside from iaps).

    Plus there's all the issues they had with Steam as a distribution system. Slow updates, client requirement, etc.

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