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  • [quote:1pm68hqp]Unlike Construct 2, we now have the option and ability to experiment with unlocking all features when and where we want (think free weekends for Construct 3...).

    Does this mean you can also lock/unlock specific features?

    And if that is the case, extra costs for users to unlock them?

    [quote:1pm68hqp]Personal License Subscription

    $99* USD per annum.

    This license is for personal use only and is not permitted for use by any businesses (including but not limited to LLCs, sole traders, corporations, non profits etc). Permitted users of this license are allowed of course to sell their games and make money, unlike Construct 2 there are no revenue limits.

    The license has no mention of what features a user gets, so I'm assuming there will be extra features that would need to be unlocked to use?

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  • When you purchase the full personal license just like in C2 you get access to everything.

    For the time being they are not selling C3 access yet till the end of the beta.

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