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  • I oppend an c3p file from my computer to keep devloping my game. But after I changed to Opera GX, I'm unable to save my project.

    The following message appears: "Unable to save project. Try checking you have permission to save in the chosen location. Alternatively, try saving a different way"

    Even changing the save mode to Cloud, keep the same massage.

    I've already searched for any topic in this forum about Opera, but I didn't finded anything like my issue.

    I also allowed the permissions for the website "editor.construct.net" to try fixing the issue, but nothing changed.

    For better help, the browser console could show the detailed bug description.

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  • Finally, after so many time (with no awnser in this forum \o/ ) !

    I figured out. In fact, if you try to open a project originaly from the cloud (In my case, OneDrive) through the computer folders by the "File" button, it would open the project but it couldn't save (and then the error above). If I tried to open the project via the "Cloud" button, then it would save normally.

    In case someone is reading this, here's a possible solution for this permission issue in OperaGX (in Chrome this doesn't happen, so don't worry)

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