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  • Unable to publish.ipa to the app store. Everytime I try to publish through xcode or try to build the.ipa in Phonegap I receive an error of: update build sdk to 12.1. But the only sdk that is available is 11.4. Please Help???

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  • Both Phonegap build and our own build service are currently using cordova 8.x, which doesn't have official support for iOS 12. This is because cordova 9 only released a week ago, we are currently waiting to see how stable cordova 9 is before moving to it. I'm not sure when phonegap will swap over, I haven't seen any public comments from them.

    Through our own service we've seen some minor issues targeting 12.0, but nothing major. You should be able to change the target SDK in xcode fairly easily, which should resolve your problem.

  • I tried and even reached out to apple who basically informed me that I would need to recreate the app with the new sdk 12.1. They told me all apps published from March 2019 must be built with sdk 12.1 or they will be instantly rejected. The only option I have for sdk is 11.4. Any other ideas?

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