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  • A project I've been working on is suddenly not able to be previewed anymore. I didn't make any changes from the last time it was working. It just gets stuck at "Please wait, loading...". In the browser console, I'm seeing an error:

    Registered service worker on https://preview.construct.net/ previewWindow.js:22 [C3 preview] Browser opened wrong size popup: wanted 2304 x 1206, got 2304 x 1222; resizing to compensate 3bootPreview.js:51 Unexpected message type 'undefined' OnBootMessage bootPreview.js:51 c78ccb3e-9ea1-4a55-8e9d-f3371bcf8feb:4 [C3 runtime] Failed to load all engine scripts in worker: TypeError: Failed to fetch dynamically imported module: blob:https://preview.construct.net/3d9c4d29-ede1-4fca-8a63-def3e1cfd272 InitRuntime c78ccb3e-9ea1-4a55-8e9d-f3371bcf8feb:4

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  • Hi!!

    if you added a popup on your project,

    delete it and try again.

    if it didnt works,comment me.

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