Unable to add or edit color while editing sprite.

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  • So, I thought this was just something wrong with my settings but I realized that it wasn't. When making a sprite, I can't even add any color or even make a simple colored box. When I click on any of the tools, such as the paint bucket, brush, or pencil and try to click on any color as well as clicking the empty two color boxes , nothing happens. The you can only erase, and that is the default color (invisible). I refresh and even made a new project to see if that would do anything but it didn't. It actually has been going on since the new updated version of construct 3 beta. Is this happening to anyone else and how to fix this?

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  • It works again now. Once I upgraded to the new construct 3 beta ( I believe its beta r145 ) my paint tools started working again and I was able to select a color.

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