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  • Hi,

    I don't post this as a bug as I'm not sure if it is intended or not. I have personally a hard time with how C3 manages the way we can type into the text field on "add action" and "add condition" dialogs.

    For example, in C2 I used to type C > enter > tr > enter

    and very quickly I added a "trigger once while true" condition to my event.

    In C3, typing "tr" after selecting system, will focus on "compare two values". (!)

    instead of "tr", the shortest string I can type to focus "trigger once while true" is "ger " which is 2 times longer, but the real problem is that we'll have to learn new fastest method to access such actions when switching to C3.

    Another example is that "compare two values" could previously be accessed by entering "co", while in C3 you have to type as much text as "compare t" for it be focus. Curiously, and as stated before, just entering "tr" selects "compare two values".

    I really have a hard time to find the logic behind the new way to select actions/condition in dialogs with the text field, which is the way I'm working 99% of the time. Would it be possible to let us know the logic behind that, or tell us if the current way is definitive or if it will be changed to be closer to the experience we had with C2?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hmm... the problem is C3 now searches in more places like descriptions as well. So when you type "tr" you match the description for compare two values: "Compare two arbitrary values". Similarly typing "co" matches 'is between angles' due to "Compare if an angle is between two angles".

    I thought this would be a useful feature but it does seem to make it harder to pick obvious matches. I suppose it should by default highlight one with a match in the name itself and only match in the description if nothing matches in the name. I think you can file a bug for that.

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  • Thanks for taking the time to explain that. It makes sense but I agree that obvious entries should be returned first, so I'll make a bug entry as you propose.

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