Any tutorials about jumping in a topdown game available?

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  • Looking for tutorials about how to acheive jumping in a topdown game, not Hotline Miami style but like 2.5D as in zelda. Things like jumping on top of a stack of boxes, walking up stairs etc.


  • I would think the easiest method would be to use the new z feature.

  • I would think the easiest method would be to use the new z feature.

    I already tried that, doesn't work that way.

  • Well it depends on the perspective, but 2.5 can usually be thought of as having a z as a y offset.

    In other words z height= the y axis plus, or minus an offset.

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  • This tutorial has some great information

    What newt said is how I went about it in my own game. I have 1 invisible sprite for the skeleton of the player and another sprite for the skin of the player. I tweened the skin's "yOffset" value up and down and set the skin's position to the skeleton's Y position + the skin's offset

    You can also add a shadow underneath for a helpful visual cue

  • Thanks for all the answers but I think this sort of thing is much easier to do in a 3D engine like Godot or unity. Too much weird magic math trickery involved to make this happen in a 2D engine.

  • It's pretty simple actually, and a 3D engine isn't going to make this particular thing any easier since the perspective in games like Zelda is just an illusion; adjusting a real z coordinate would just make the player grow towards the screen (and slightly upwards at a 3/4 perspective).

    The goal is to just have 2 y coordinates. 1 for the actual Y position, and 1 for the Y position + fake jump height. The latter is also used as a displacement from the object's shadow, aiding the illusion.

    Here's a clip from my Illusion of Gaia practice engine:

    The "hard part" is making a custom jump mechanic with events, but there are some examples around the forum, typically in R0j0hound's examples. vy, gravity, a loop for detecting the landing, and you're good.

    As for stairs, that's all fake too. The player just moves diagonally when going up side-view stairs, and moves upwards as normal when going up front-view.

  • As long as it's a tile based game it should be relatively easy. If not, then yeah 3d might be a better choice.

    Speaking of R0j0hound, he has an awesome iso plug for C2 that handles jumps easy.

  • In any case, I was just curious about it and for now I don't have the energy to delve into it, maybe sometime later :)


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