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  • Hi, I'm totally new to game development, and I'm currently doing it out of pure interest. I just finished the beginner's guide, and find it to be very educational. Is there any other tutorials like the beginner's guide, with detailed steps and explanation? I want to do some more practices before starting to create what's in my head~


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  • well the beginners guide also tells u there is the manual, which teaches u construct terms and expressions of the system and other more advanced stuff.

    there is the new tutorial section construct.net/en/tutorials

    and there is the old Construct 2 section where a lot of the community members contributed a long the time scirra.com/tutorials/top but will probably be moved eventually in the new tutorial section.

    there is the youtube official channel should be somewhere in the community menu on top of website, and there is youtube itself which has tons of other channels talking about construct and examples.

    my suggestion to quick learning is open the construct's pre-built templates and try learn them, and how things work in them and why they work the way they do. it will get u up to speed fast. that worked for me when i started. there are some posts also on the community forum as well for tutorials take your time and welcome.

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