turn particle into sprite at last frame?

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  • So I'm testing out a blood splatter effect and the particle system is amazing, I love how simple yet powerful it seems to be.

    What I am wondering, is if there's a way to set the particle object to switch to a static sprite of the last frame when it finishes? The particle system is useful for sure, but currently it seems our only choice is to show it and then have it destroyed? Is there no way to keep it on-screen static when it finishes?

  • The particle object has always been relatively limited, and the usual advice is to create your own particles from sprites. It is generally pretty quick and painless to do by slapping a bunch of behaviors (bullet, fade, rotate) on a sprite and spawning them with a Every X seconds event. You then use choose() and random() expressions to get variance. You'll have significantly more control over pretty much everything, including what do do with the sprites after.

  • This could be done with the Paster plugin once it gets ported to C3. Until then you'll have to use sprites to begin with instead of particles if you want the kind of static permanence you describe.

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  • Set it to constant, and set the timescale to 0.

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