Can we trust Scirra?

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  • [quote:39y3ozry]Scirra won't get another dime from me. I was led to believe C2 was a "lifetime" tool to monetize apps. It was not - whats the point of lifetime updates if the C2 monetize environment no longer works?

    "What´s the point of making games if I can´t rake in money with it?" The joy of making games, stop caring about money. If you are just in for the money, get a job, that pays easier and better.

    Out of curiosity, what cordova plugin was it that was insecure? Would you have been able to do it without the plugin? If no, well that´s bad luck. If yes, then just do it without the plugin and stop crying about it. Oh yeah intel XDK shut down, tough luck. The time you spend crying about it you could have spend on learning cordovaCLI (that´s what I did). Probably takes a day of tinkering/googling/stackoverflowing at most to get used to and you are done. Life isn´t serving everything on a silver platter, in fact, life is more likely to attempt to murder you with that silver platter. Get used to it.

    Maybe you just have to refocus your interests, there are other platforms you can publish to that aren´t whatever clusterfuck the mobile market is.

    [quote:39y3ozry]This has been one of the biggest issues for me. That page convinced me to buy it. I assumed that it'd actually integrate with Steam somehow. Nope. Even if you click 'more about Steam', there's actually nothing more about Steam.

    "Wahhh wahhh why am I not beeing spoonfed everything." Brbrbrbrbrbrb here comes the airplane. ... umentation

    The only thing I gotta agree here is the fact that the "Help on 'Greenworks'" thing literally just links to the construct homepage. And the "more about steam" just links to an almost identical page with no further information.

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