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  • Has anyone else had this problem?

    Following a tutorial, on the Events Sheet: I pressed -- ADD EVENT -- INPUT -- but the TOUCH button is missing after pressing the INPUT. Only BACK button is the only option.

    Been backwards and forwards everything is right. I have a full paid version, so no idea why it's missing?

    Any suggestions?

  • Did you add the touch object to your project?

    What tutorial are you following?

    You should definitely start with one of the official beginners tutorials.

  • Thanks for replying oosyrag.

    The tutorial is the Mini Golf tutorial, part 3, 9:29 in on the Construct site.

    I've followed the tutorial exactly and all good, and re-been over it, but when on the event sheet the tutor pressed Add Event, then pressed 'Input' and two options came up, one <BACK and the other TOUCH. I only get one option... <BACK. The TOUCH is missing. Everything I've followed is exactly the same. Just can't figure it out.

    Though fairly new to Construct, I've made a couple of projects already, but haven't come across this before.

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  • In that tutorial, Tom used subfolders in his project to organize added objects. If your touch object is not in the "input" folder, it won't show up when you go to add actions and go into the "input" folder. To move it in there, you can just drag it into the folder in your project bar on the right.

    Otherwise, it should work fine even if it isn't in the input folder. Just add event - and look for the touch object in the initial list.

    If you haven't added the touch object at all yet, you can do so by right clicking "Object Types" (or the "input" subfolder under it) in the project bar, and click the "+ Add new object type" option.

    Edit: Note that using subfolders for objects is not always necessary - I've never bothered with it myself.

  • Oh mate you are a life saver. Thank you so much for you time and advice. Very much appreciated!

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