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  • Hello everyone,

    Today I am looking for advice. I am making a top-down rougelike game. I have a character (not a very good one), with 12 animations: 4 direction walk, idle, and attack. If I wanted to make it where you can acquire different armors or customize your character, how would be the best way? Would I make different sprites (legs, torso, arms, and head) and pin them all together, and each part has the 12 animations for each piece of armor? That seems like A LOT of work and not very efficient. Honestly, I've never tried an skin addons because I'm not a big fan of 3rd party addons. What is your suggestion on how to do this?

    Here is the player's idle down animation:


    Give me a Pixel

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  • It is indeed a lot of work to have visible, customizable, animated armor for sprites.

    The halfway way would be to use a mask or effect to simply color different pieces.

  • Pinning stuff is just going to bite you in the end.

    Just go with separate frames, and animations. It's not like it takes up a lot of room.

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