Are there any tools for colaborative development?

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  • It was possible, in Construct 2, to set up an SVN so more than one person could work on the same Construct 2 Project and colaborate. But now that everything is happening in the browser, are there any current options to allow more than one person to work on the same project without overlaping each others progress when they hit save?

    I am programming and my friend is making level design and implementing art, but we would be able to go faster with the development without having to copy and paste each other's work from two different file projects.

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  • Technically, Construct 3 could probably be modified to include the free/open source "Superpowers" HTML5 collaborative editor (yes, it also is a 2D/3D game engine, but that module can be swapped out for the C3 engine).

    That might actually be a great idea if it can be done!

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